Instructions for submitting a Bidders Application
for the University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee Bidder’s Application is an interactive form.  Please follow the below instructions in order to successfully submit the form.

      1. Access the The University of Tennessee Bidder's Application and enter all the required information.
      2. Upon completion, click on the email icon on the toolbar located at the top (above the form) and enter the following:
        a. In the "To" box enter the following:
        b. In the "Subject" box enter the following: Bidders_Application
      3. In addition to the the Bidder's Application form, a W-9, Minority Status Form must also be completed and submitted to

Upon receipt of the above forms & approval of your application, your company will be assigned a vendor code number and added to the appropriate bidder’s lists as indicated on your application. You will then receive e-mail notification informing you of your company's vendor code number and the bidder’s lists to which your company has been added.  Please keep a record of your vendor/bidder number as this number will be needed for future bidding.

NOTE: To successfully submit the above forms, Adobe Reader & Microsoft Word 2007 or later is required. Contact Purchasing @ 865-974-3097 if you need assistance in submitting any of the above forms.